Co-Founder of Release Sunglasses and former D1 standout at Miami University, Matt Rosinski formed Release Baseball with his high school and college teammate Alex Johnson. Matt and Alex came together to take their passion and energy for the game that they played just a few years ago, and funnel it into developing young players into elite athletes and students of the game.

Release Baseball's vision centers around both in-season and off-season development utilized by college and professional teams today. Our team seeks to play in the highest regarded summer showcase tournaments in the Midwest. Our coaching staff is committed to providing professional instruction and exposure to the collegiate level, while our players are dedicated to 'wreaking havoc' on the bases and playing with passion every day.

Release Baseball would not be possible without the sponsorship of Release Sunglasses. Release Baseball embodies this company's slogan "See The Vision" as each of its players and coaches work relentlessly to chase down their dreams. With trust in your teammates, your coaches, and most importantly, yourself, a vision can become a reality.

As a proud partner of an apparel company, Release Baseball and its supporters will be equipped with the trendiest Nike apparel and the same New Era hats that the pros wear. Look good, feel good, play good.

See The Vision.